Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Interviewer: Josh Zepps

For the first time since the 1800s, wolves are roaming Germany. As packs wander into the suburbs of Berlin, farmers and conservationists are divided. How should modern societies deal with the resurgence of dangerous, but protected, species?

Reed Watson gives an economic perspective of the reintroduction of wolves in the American West on Huffington Post Live. As the other participants discuss various methods of reducing livestock predation or compensating ranchers for lost livestock, he suggests entrepreneurs, who find ways to transform liabilities into assets, as a potential solution.

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Huffington Post Live
Reed Watson is the executive director at PERC. He is also the Director of PERC's Enviropreneur Institute, an educational program and launchpad for environmental entrepreneurs. Watson’s research focuses on the implementation of market-based solutions to natural resource conflicts. With Terry Anderson and Brandon Scarborough, he coauthored Tapping...
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