Amicus Briefs

Monday, May 20, 2013

Environment and Liberty Campaign

Amici Briefs

The Latin phrase “amicus curiae” means friend of the court, hence, an amicus brief is a document prepared by a non-litigant to help a court resolve a case. An effective amicus brief provides a court with a perspective not offered by the litigants, often addressing broader policy issues than those raised by the litigants, themselves.

PERC proposes to draft and submit amici briefs for select cases involving private property rights, individual liberty, and environmental stewardship. In so doing, PERC scholars can participate in the judicial process and share with judges the perspective of free market environmentalism. Specifically, these briefs will explain how individual liberty and secure private property rights advance environmental quality. This is a unique perspective, and amici briefs give PERC scholars an effective means of communicating that perspective to judges as well as to media outlets, interested conservationists, and the general public.

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