Energy Production & Environmental Values

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Energy Production & Environmental Values

Conflicts over energy production and environmental protection are increasing, but there is no framework in place that encourages cooperation between competing uses. Recent efforts to avoid costly litigation suggest there is interest among conservationists and energy developers to reach cooperative agreements over energy production and environmental protection. PERC proposes to build on its success by launching a project dedicated to exploring market-based approaches to conflicts over energy development and environmental protection. In partnership with the Center for Energy Commerce at Texas Tech University, PERC will bring together conservationists, energy experts, and scholars to present a foundation for successful cooperative agreements over energy development.

The project will provide a framework for promoting compromises instead of conflict over environmental and energy resources. PERC will focus on how conservationists and energy companies can use market processes to work together in a cooperative manner and present a practical alternative to the political conflict and costly litigation that characterizes energy and environmental resource management today. PERC will focus especially on cooperative solutions in two areas of controversy today: (1) oil and gas leasing on federal lands with competing environmental or recreational values; and (2) conflicts over energy development and endangered species habitat on private lands. The project will explore market-based leasing reforms, entrepreneurial opportunities to contract with developers for environmental values, and voluntary conservation agreements that allow for species protection and responsible energy development. 

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