Enviro-Finance Institute

Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Environmental Finance Institute will differ from existing environmental finance programs that emphasize tax-favored strategies and distributive justice. By putting political distribution before economic efficiency, these programs ignore opportunities for students to succeed professionally by improving environmental quality and business performance. The Environmental Finance Institute will offer residence- and distance-education modules to efficiently serve an unmet demand for fundamentals-based training in environmental finance. To complement this training, the institute will also connect environmental, business, and policy students with mentors who have successfully built their own environmental finance practices on market principles. Together, the institute’s fundamentals-based curriculum, efficient delivery mechanisms, and access to professional mentors will allow participants to build valuable analytical and managerial tools, and do so in a cost-effective manner. Participants will graduate with a durable and marketable set of skills for solving environmental problems with financial market solutions. 

"Economic growth is green. Making more with less is conservation. Making more with less is sustainable. When environmental policy puts growth at risk, it is brown, not green." PERC Executive Director, Dino Falaschetti 

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