Thursday, April 25, 2013

PERC’s Outreach Department has the critical job of moving ideas generated at PERC University to a broad audience. This effort helps ensure that PERC remains the go-to place for free market environmentalism by making it easy for diverse groups to learn about PERC.


PERC Outreach connects students, scholars, environmental practitioners, policy makers, entrepreneurs, and larger media outlets to market solutions. Through the strategic integration of PERC’s research areas, Outreach creates channels such as its magazine, policy series, and case studies for targeted audiences.

The fastest growing channels fall under PERC’s website and social media efforts, which have rapidly adapted to connect with individuals who increasingly receive their daily information on the Internet. Whether it’s making content available electronically, maintaining the PERColator Blog, engaging in Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Twitter, or enhancing PERC.org, PERC is connecting with new audiences around the globe.

To guarantee these efforts continue to have a big impact, PERC’s Outreach Department monitors its reach and impact in several ways. For example, PERC implements quarterly reports to track its progress. The outreach team sets quantitative targets for the number of publications and circulation, speaking engagements, website visitors, social media requests, and video views. These reports help measure overall compliance with the strategic outreach objectives. Based on feedback, PERC’s Outreach is regularly refined to ensure the ideas of free market environmentalism are reaching the largest audience possible by the most effective means.

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