Policy Fellowship

Thursday, April 25, 2013

"Regardless of your political color, if you are truly green, you cannot ignore the gridlock that plagues environmental policy or the importance of common sense in giving us a better environment at a much lower cost. The adage that 'no one washes a rental car' speaks volumes for environmental reform proposed by candidates claiming to be the harbingers of change. If they are serious about changing environmental policy for the better, then ways must be found to reward people who take care of our natural resources. May common-sense environmental ideas begin to permeate the party platforms and make the environment an asset to be stewarded rather than a liability to be squandered." Terry Anderson, Read more>

In 2012, PERC added to its suite of fellowships by creating the Policy Fellowship. This new program targets policy entrepreneurs—legislative, administrative, and NGO staffers seeking innovative solutions to complex environmental conflicts. The purpose of these fellowships is two-fold: first, to expose influential policy makers to the principles of free market environmentalism and, second, to help them apply those principles in a practical and effective manner.

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