Finance & Development

Bill Varettoni is the Community Founder, President, and Financial Planner at Community Ladders. At the tender age of 11, Bill was bitten by the entrepreneurship bug.
Todd Gartner is a Senior Associate for the World Resources Institute’s People and Ecosystem Program.
Since 2012, after transitioning from 3.5 years at the World Resources Institute, Logan Yonavjak has been working as an independent consultant in impact investing and conservation finance.
Kate Fitzpatrick is a Program Director at the Deschutes River Conservancy where she leads strategy development and implementation to restore streamflows and water quality in the Deschutes Basin of Oregon.
Kent Carter founded, Carter Ecosystem Services, a sales and marketing company focused on the environmental credit market (wetland, stream and endangered species).
I am advising large landowners, investors and conservation organizations to develop innovative financing strategies to acquire, conserve, and manage large tracts of land in the US and abroad.
Michael Robertson is a partner in Industrial Symbiosis Partners LP, a start-up environmental capital fund with a focus on investments in companies that provide infrastructure and technologies facilitating the reuse of resources like water, energy and industrial materials
Peter Dykstra is a lawyer with a practice focused on water rights, conservation real estate transactions, natural resources policy, and government relations at Plauche & Carr LLP.
James Friscia is originally from Long Island, NY. Currently, he works for Oliver Wyman, a global management consulting firm. James specializes in growth strategy and business design development across a number of industries.
As Associate Director of the Carlson Ventures Enterprise at the University of Minnesota, Connie Rutledge brings over 10 years of experience in entrepreneurship and business management.
Matt Dunbar is managing director of the Upstate Carolina Angel Network, a group of accredited investors who support high-growth, start-up ventures in South Carolina and the Southeast.
Daniel’s expertise lies at the intersection of finance and social impact with specialized experience in sustainable real estate and business development.
Previous to the Nature Conservancy, Paul Bauman was the director of development for the CU-Boulder College of Engineering and Applied Sciences, where he helped organize and complete capital campaigns on the Boulder campus.
J.M. Ornstein is the managing director of J.M.ORNSTEIN, a UK based clean technology commercialization firm, where he structures breakthrough clean energy and clean tech companies, often originating with university lab technology. Mr.
Paul Corens is a Senior Investment Portfolio Manager for the Arizona Public Safety Pension and is currently responsible for over $1.2 billion of physical assets around the world including timber, wetland, agriculture, infrastructure, oil & natural gas, power generati
Graham graduated from Northland College with a B.S. in Biophysical Environmental Studies in 1994 and received her M.A. in Community Development at Goddard College in 1997.
Brett is an environmental entrepreneur who is passionate about environmental sustainability and stewardship, with a special emphasis on the marine environment.