Mark Schaffer

Mark Schaffer is a hydrologist and consults on projects related to stream restoration. Since 2004 Mark has provided technical assistance for Trout Unlimited’s Montana Water Project, which protects and restores cold water fisheries through water rights leasing. He also recently joined a consulting group which works at Superfund sites with industrial stakeholders in the Upper Clark Fork watershed. During 1998, while working as a guide on remote rivers in Idaho, Montana, and Alaska, Mark moved to Bozeman and pursued his education in environmental science. He attended Montana State University, studied the West Gallatin River, received his bachelor of science in 2004, and his master’s of science in 2011. During his career, Mark has been fortunate to work on a variety of projects in the United States and Canada ranging from the down and dirty world of stream channel construction to the academic and sometimes political study of hydrologic systems. His current interests involve using irrigation systems to improve streamflows. In addition to his ephemeral love of river time, Mark has recently discovered the allure of wind power and enjoys being pulled by a kite while skiing.   

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