Ryan Smith

Ryan Smith is a co-founded of Instream Exchange LLC (IE), a venture dedicated to securing water in constrained basins to meet demand. Initiated through a master’s thesis, Ryan partnered with two peers and Clay Landry of West Water Research to form Instream. IE is currently soliciting funding to launch their pilot basin. In addition, Ryan is completing his master’s degree in the corporate environmental management and climate and energy specializations at the University of California Santa Barabara, Bren School of Environmental Science and Management. Prior to school, Ryan founded and subsequently managed the O’ahu Invasive Species Committee (OISC), an NGO dedicated to addressing invasive species in Hawaii. He transformed OISC from a staff of two employees to a professional organization with over $600K operating capital, coordinating multi-agency initiatives to address invasive species throughout the state. In 2010, he researched and co-authored the 2010 Analysis of Water Banks in the United States, which analyzes the successes and failures of water banking as a free market tool to address water constraints. Ryan completed his bachelor of science degree in molecular biology and french from the University of Wisconsin at Madison. On a personal front, Ryan remains committed to fueling his passion for the wilderness through his avid surfing, snowboard mountaineering and climbing. Capturing these adventures behind the lens also helps him maintain his balance and focus in life.

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