Climate Change

Gary Libecap
By Gary D. Libecap
Daniel Benjamin, Matthew Turner
MIT Professor Michael Greenstone says that humans will adapt to climate change, with wealthier nations faring better than poorer nations.
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PERC senior fellow Jonathan Adler is a longtime writer for the popular law and public policy blog The Volokh Conspiracy, which recently announced a new partnership with the Washington Post.
The documentary film, "Degrees of Difference," explores the way people communicate on climate change. See PERC's Holly Fretwell on air! Co-produced by Emmy Award winners John Twiggs and Anna Rau of MontanaPBS.
Jonathan Adler
The Supreme Court has granted certiorari in Utility Air Regulatory Group v. EPA concerning the Environmental Protection Agency’s regulation of greenhouse gases under the Clean Air Act. PERC's Jonathan Adler explains.
If our challenge is “change,” we might do better by turning to America’s strength in financial services rather than its relative inexperience in centrally directing resources.
Steven F. Hayward
President Obama unveiled drastic new regulations on Tuesday to curb greenhouse gas emissions. PERC board member Steve Hayward previewed the president's speech earlier this week on The Kudlow Report.
Confronted with social problems, we often call for policy solutions. Problems are not always problems, however. Sometimes they are natural facts, and resistant to human made laws.
Terry Anderson
With private investment in green energy down 34 percent between 2011 and 2012, proponents of subsidies for R&D struggle to make their case.
Jonathan Adler
Today’s decision by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit in Coalition for Responsible Regulation v.
Jonathan Adler
The Washington Post reports the Environmental Protection Agency will release proposed regulations gover
Jonathan Adler
Today the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit will begin two days of oral arguments in a set of challenges to the EPA’s various rules applying the Clean Air Act to greenhouse gas regulations.
Holly Fretwell
Since 1997, more than 40 million acres of forests across the West have been devastated by pine beetle.
Jonathan Adler
The Yale Law Journal’s new “Summary Judgment” online series features a set of essays on the Supreme Court’s decision in 
Jane Shaw
The editor of a scientific journal resigns, apologizing for publishing a paper that questions the conventional thinking about global warming.
This week's Q&A is with Matthew Kahn, a professor at the UCLA Institute of the Environment in the Departments of Economics and Public Policy, and the author of the recent
Jonathan Adler
Yesterday afternoon I attended a lecture by Michael Greenstone, the 3M Professor of Environmental Economics and former chief economist of the Council of Economic Advisers during the first year of the Obama Admi
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Holly Fretwell
Forests are a valuable part of the global carbon
Shawn Regan
Bjørn Lomborg draws upon the work of Bruce Yandle of PERC to warn against climate solutions touted by emerging green activist/big business alliances:
Jonathan Adler
The most significant environmental case of the Supreme Court’s just-concluded term was American Electric Power v.
Roger Meiners
Cap and trade, a favorite of statists and even many economists who otherwise are not statists, continues to be touted as a great sc
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The foundation of PERC has always been high-quality academic research rooted in the principles of property rights and markets.
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Which of the following is not caused by climate change?
by Holly Fretwell
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by Jane S. Shaw
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by Shawn Regan


Matthew E. Kahn
Capitalism's creative solutions for a changing climate


Jonathan Adler
In 2007, the U.S. Supreme Court declared greenhouse gases to be pollutants subject to regulation under the Clean Air Act. The Court’s decision in Massachusetts v.