In most cases, recycling is a profligate use of natural and human resources.
Recyling household trash makes people feel warm and fuzzy, but its not good for the environment.
International donors provide funds to build recycling plants in the Ukraine, subsidizing an an inefficient and un sustainable economic activity.
Many jurisdictions have implemented bans or taxes on plastic grocery bags on environmental grounds. PERC Lone Mountain Fellow Jonathan Klick argues, however, that reusable grocery bags contain potentially harmful bacteria, especially coliform bacteria such as E. coli.
Daniel Benjamin
To recycle or not to recycle? That is the question.
Daniel Benjamin
Professor of trash, Daniel Benjamin, discusses the economics of waste management with John Batchelor. Benjamin explains how recycling involves reusing valuable goods and that value is determine by market mechanisms, not government. 
Holly Fretwell
Holly Fretwell
Since 1997, more than 40 million acres of forests across the West have been devastated by pine beetle.


Daniel Benjamin
More than 30 years after the homeless garbage barge Mobro 4000 put recycling on the front pages, recycling remains a poster child for many who consider themselves environmentalists.


Holly Fretwell
If You Build It, They Will Come and Upcycling in India
Linda Platts
Today’s fashions change so quickly that clothes are hardly worn and rarely loved. Barely worn clothes sit in heaps in warehouses across the country.