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Terry Anderson
Long before the EPA was a glint in anyone's eye, property rights were dealing with pollution issues. Watch as PERC's Terry Anderson discusses free market solutions to pollution and other environmental conflicts with John Stossel on Fox Business Network.
Jonathan Adler
We make the mistake sometimes of assuming that the way you clean the environment is just adding another regulation. Watch as PERC senior fellow Jonathan Adler discusses the confusion about pollution and why he is unhappy with the EPA's new rules with John Stossel on Fox Business Network.
Terry Anderson
Focusing on externalities distracts economists from understanding how bargaining can solve problems without government intervention.
Reed Watson
Iowa Supreme Court strikes a significant blow for property rights and the environment by ruling that common law nuisance claims are not preempted by the Clean Air Act.
Shawn Regan, Fred Thomas
How opposition to coal exports is impacting one of the poorest communities in Montana — the Crow Indian reservation.
Jonathan Adler
The Supreme Court has granted certiorari in Utility Air Regulatory Group v. EPA concerning the Environmental Protection Agency’s regulation of greenhouse gases under the Clean Air Act. PERC's Jonathan Adler explains.
This summer PERC welcomed 14 entrepreneurs from all over the world for its 13th annual Enviropreneur Institute. One of our enviropreneurs, David Hoffman, is an avid outdoorsman with a particular interest in air quality.
Shawn Regan
In a state known for its golf, Floridians understand the concept of a mulligan. That’s why five years after passing a costly ethanol mandate, Florida lawmakers opted for a do-over.
Jonathan Adler
Today’s decision by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit in Coalition for Responsible Regulation v.
Terry Anderson
In this interview on the John Batchelor Show, Terry Anderson contrasts the SO2 trading platforms in the United States with the European Carbon emission trading programs. He discusses why SO2 had promise initially, and what caused that market to collapse.
Holly Fretwell
The current administration continues to push for cleaner air. That means reducing carbon emissions according to the 2009 EPA ruling that defines carbon dioxide as an air pollutant.
Jonathan Adler
The Washington Post reports the Environmental Protection Agency will release proposed regulations gover
Jonathan Adler
Earlier this month President Obama asked the Environmental Protection Agency to shelve a proposal to tighten the National Ambient Air Quality Standard for ozone this year.
Jonathan Adler
The Yale Law Journal’s new “Summary Judgment” online series features a set of essays on the Supreme Court’s decision in 
Jonathan Adler
The New York Times tries to provide some perspective to the renewed debate over the economic effect of envir
Laura Huggins
According to the U.S. Bureau of land management, wind power is the fastest growing energy technology in the United States. With this growth comes the desire to develop a legal framework for wind rights.


Charlotte Huus-Henriksen
Tackling air quality issues one smartphone at a time.


Daniel Benjamin
A cautionary tale of ozone regulation