Written by Dylan Brewer, PERC Summer Intern
The increasing scarcity of water around the world prompts heated debate over the effectiveness of conservation efforts and policy initiat
Many would argue the modern environmental movement was catapulted into fame 50 years ago by Rachel Carson’s seminal book Silent Spring. Although it is now rarely read outside of the classroom, it remains one the most highly cited works of environmental writing.
Publishers Weekly recommends The Locavore's Dilemma: In Praise of the 10,000 Mile Diet, co-authored by former PERC fellows Pierre Desrochers and Hiroko Shimizu, as a book to watch for in 2012.
National Geographic recently launched its "Seven Billion Special Series"--a year-long series on global population.
Don't miss Steven Greehut's article in City Journal on environmentalists waging war on rural property owners.
Holly Fretwell
As you enjoy your Thanksgiving feast, take a moment to look around at all there is to be thankful for; great food, and more of it growing on less land; great varie
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"Everyone knows that you always dump your unwanted news on a Friday afternoon, and what better Friday afternoon to dump something you want to go away than the Friday before Labor Day.
Holly Fretwell
It never ceases to amaze that two adamantly opposing views can both argue that science proves their claim. That is because science is knowledge about what is and what can be. Opinions and values, however, both political and private, establish what should be.
Shawn Regan
1. How the market can keep streams flowing, from Rob Harmon on TEDx.
Shawn Regan
Shawn Regan
by Shawn Regan
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By Laura Huggins
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by Jane S. Shaw
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