Lone Mountain Fellowships

PERC’s Lone Mountain Fellowship offers a unique opportunity for scholars to undertake a project that advances our understanding of the role of markets, public policy, property rights, and governance in affecting environmental resources. Fellows spend at least a portion of their fellowships in residency at PERC in Bozeman, Montana.

The Lone Mountain Fellowship provides you with a chance to network with leaders in diverse fields of study related to markets, resource governance, public policy, and the environment. The atmosphere is appealing to careful thinkers who have an ability to communicate research in non-technical ways to diverse audiences. Fellows work in a congenial, stimulating work environment in a locale of natural beauty.

Fellows receive a stipend that varies with the nature of the work, duration of residence at PERC, and the fellow’s qualifications. The timing of stipend payments varies with the circumstances of the fellowship, although in every instance 20 percent of the stipend is withheld until completion of the final project. Office space and office support are provided. Fellows are responsible for their own travel and living arrangements. PERC may also provide some commuter bicycles that can be used during residency. 

A sample of the types of projects that a scholar might undertake includes:

  • Completion of a book or other large-scale research project while on sabbatical
  • Initiation or completion of a scholarly paper for an academic journal
  • A PERC publication or public policy brief

Project Requirements: 

  • Topic: The project should focus on natural resources and environmental issues, including the study of markets, governance, public policy, property rights and/or innovation. PERC is especially interested in projects that in some way address or inform issues related to natural resource policy and management, broadly defined. Policy-relevant projects that address forests, water, and wildlife are of particular interest in 2023.
  • Residency: Between two weeks and two months, depending on the nature of the project. Fellows visit during the summer.
  • Presentation: Fellows are expected to circulate a draft paper and give at least one seminar while at PERC.
  • Participation: Fellows are expected to interact with other PERC scholars and fellows while in residence and attend seminar presentations by other fellows. The fellowship is intended to be an opportunity to either establish or strengthen a continuing relationship with PERC.
  • Completion: The final project is generally expected by December 31 of the year in which the fellowship is undertaken.

How to Apply: 

To be considered for a 2023 Lone Mountain Fellowship, please send a C.V. and a 2-3 page description of the proposed project to fellows@perc.org with “Lone Mountain Fellowship” in the subject line. Please contact the directors Dominic Parker and Bryan Leonard at fellows@perc.org with any questions. Applications will be considered now until February 17, 2023.

What Fellows Are Saying:

“My time at PERC provided me with extremely helpful feedback, and I got to meet new people and learn about their exciting research. I think the Lone Mountain Fellowship provides a fantastic way to interact with a research community that is interested in rigorous research on topics around resources, land use, and the environment.”
—Eyal Frank, University of Chicago

“The Lone Mountain Fellowship was a wonderful opportunity to exchange ideas and learn from other researchers working on natural resource issues. I enjoyed the lively and engaging seminars, the collegial atmosphere, and the rigorous level of discourse. I am grateful for the excellent feedback I received on my work, both technical and conceptual, which helped to advance my research. Spending time at PERC gave me a new perspective on my research agenda, and I would highly recommend it to other researchers working on natural resource policy.”
—Alexey Kalinin, Harvard University

“My experience with the program was wonderful. The other fellows were friendly and helpful, and PERC staff were wonderful people to spend time with. The seminars were engaging and enjoyable, and I received extremely valuable feedback on my project. I gained more from the PERC seminar than I would have at multiple conferences or university seminars. I would absolutely recommend the program to others and I hope to be back as a fellow in the future.”
—Zach Raff, University of Wisconsin-Stout

“I had a wonderful time at PERC! I met a terrific and incredibly welcoming group of scholars. And I received invaluable feedback on my paper. I cannot recommend this opportunity enough.”
—Caroline Cecot, Antonin Scalia Law School, George Mason University

“This is an amazing program. The conversations I had at PERC helped me think more deeply and clearly about my research.”
—Teevrat Garg, University of California, San Diego

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