Enviropreneur Institute

Thursday, April 25, 2013

"What distinguishes enviropreneurs from other environmentalists? One answer is their vision; enviropreneurs see the world in a unique way. They see the prospect for cooperation where others see unsolvable conflict. They see unwritten contracts where others see unwritten regulations. They see new frontiers for free market environmentalism where others see only market failures." -Enviropreneur Institute Director, Reed Watson

The Enviropreneur Institute is an intensive educational program for mid-career conservation professionals. The mission of the Institute is to empower environmental entrepreneurs in the application of property rights and markets to enhance environmental assets. The Institute provides the opportunity to learn from a diverse faculty of scholars and practitioners, to collaborate with other conservation leaders, and to develop market-based business plans to guide their conservation efforts. Now entering its thirteenth year, with more than 200 alumni spread around the world, PERC’s Enviropreneur Institute has become the premier place for environmental entrepreneurs to develop, refine, and pursue market-based solutions to environmental conflicts.

As a compliment to the Institute, PERC’s Enviropreneurs in Residence Fellowship offers Institute alumni and other qualified enviropreneurs the opportunity to further refine business plans and to launch entrepreneurial ventures while in residence at PERC. The Enviropreneurs in Residence program allows fellows to work in an intense intellectual environment with additional mentoring from PERC faculty. 

"Free market environmentalism focuses on who owns the environment. When property rights are well defined and enforced, markets can work their magic. When property rights are not so clear, environmental entrepreneurs who clarify them do good for the environment while doing well for themselves." -PERC President, Terry Anderson

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