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Sustainable Public Lands and Outdoor Recreation

Americans of all backgrounds treasure their public lands. From national parks and forests to rangelands and mineral resources, effective public land management is critical for conservation and prosperity. 

But we’re doing a poor job taking care of our “best idea.” With outdoor recreation on the rise and record numbers of visitors exploring the outdoors, our public lands are experiencing greater wear and tear. The National Park Service, for example, faces a $22 billion deferred maintenance backlog. Park visitors see the consequences firsthand in the form of dilapidated roads and bridges, failing wastewater systems, as well as closed trails and campgrounds.

PERC explores innovative ways to better fund public lands, such as user fees that are retained for maintenance and operational needs or other “pay-to-play” funding mechanisms similar to the successful model used by hunters and anglers to fund wildlife conservation.

By empowering outdoor recreationists and visitors to take a more direct role in the care and maintenance of our national parks and other public lands, we can make these treasured places less reliant on the whims of political funding decisions and ensure they are well taken care of for generations to come.


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