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Innovation in Wildlife Management

Wildlife doesn’t adhere to lines on a map. Migrating herds roam across federal, state, tribal, and private lands. From grizzly bear and elk in North America to rhinos and elephants in Africa, movement across a broad range is key to survival.

The presence of certain species on private lands can impose significant costs on landowners such as forage loss and depredation, or burdensome environmental regulations that limit land use. As a result, private landowners often view wildlife as a liability to be avoided instead of an asset to be protected. And because most species depend on private lands for habitat, these negative incentives can adversely impact wildlife.

PERC seeks to change those incentives by making wildlife an asset rather than a liability, and giving private citizens clear incentives to invest in habitat conservation. Innovative solutions can involve rewarding landowners for making habitat improvements, contracting with property owners to protect habitat, or compensating locals who bear the costs of living with wildlife.


The Latest in Wildlife Management

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