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A Common-Sense Guide to Environmentalism

By Joseph L. Bast, Peter J. Hill and Richard C. Rue

This book cuts through rhetoric, false alarms and media hype to deliver concise and authoritative
summaries of what we know about the most important environmental issues of our times. It describes the
considerable progress made since 1960 in cleaning and protecting the environment, challenges the
environmental movement to adopt new tactics to ensure that the progress continues, and provides the tools
needed to make this change.

Joseph L. Bast is the president of The Heartland Institute in Chicago, IL. Peter J. Hill is a PERC
senior associate and a professor of economics at Wheaton College. Richard C. Rue is a senior policy
analyst and vice president of The Heartland Institute.

Madison Books
Lanham MD.
Phone: 312-377-4000
June 1994
317 pp.

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