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Enviropreneur in Action – Chris Corbin

Chris Corbin
Lotic LLC
Missoula, MT

Chris Corbin is the founder of Lotic LLC — a water right marketing and management company that turns blue into green. Chris’s undergraduate degree in water resource management and master’s degree in business administration (MBA) provide a unique combination of water ingenuity and business acumen in the water market. This education in conjunction with additional experience as a project manager at the Montana Water Trust, a water right specialist at PBS&J, and a guerilla marketer at Big Sky Brewing Company, led him to pursue an entrepreneurial vision for Lotic. As founder of Lotic, Chris has provided consultation on water banks, water right asset management, water marketing plans, water capital improvements, water right audits, water values, mitigation plans, and water right brokerage. Chris is a 2008 graduate of PERC’s Enviropreneur Institute and was a 2009 PERC Enviropreneur-in-Residence.

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