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Terry Anderson wins Annual Award from Prague’s Liberální Institut

Every year since 1989, the Liberální Institut in Prague presents an internationally known scholar with its Annual Award, recognizing their "contribution to the proliferation of Liberal thinking and making ideas of liberty, private property, competition and the rule of law come true."

Terry Anderson has been honored with the Annual Award for 2011. He is recognized for his leadership of PERC, an organization that promotes economic freedom in place of the excessive role of government. In conveying the award to Terry Anderson, the Liberální Institut states that it "highly values your seminal work on free market environmentalism."

Previous recipients of the award include:

Vernon L. Smith, Nobel Laureate and Professor of Economics at Chapman University
W.A. Niskanen, Chairman and Senior Economist at the Cato Institute
Pascal Salin, Professor of Economics, Universite Paris-Dauphine, former president of the Mont Pelerin Society
Jamnes Buchanan, Professor of Economics at George Mason University
Sir Roger Douglas, former New Zealand Finance Minister and originator of the nation’s radical economic reform
Milton Friedman, Nobel Laureate and Professor of Economics at the University of Chicago

A formal presentation is scheduled for March in Prague at which Anderson will deliver an address on environmental issues and public goods.

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