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Saving Ocean Fisheries with Property Rights


Saving Ocean Fisheries with Property Rights is the first in a series of PERC videos that will document how Free Market Environmentalism solves real-world conservation problems. Don Leal, PERC’s research director, and Mark Lundsten, a former boat captain on the Bering sea, combine research and real life to tell what happens when open access fishing is replaced with catch share management. The change has brought a stunning turn about in the lives and incomes of fishermen and in the health of depleted fisheries.

Below is a list of Don Leal’s research available on the PERC web site and in book form.


Helping Property Rights Evolve in Marine Fisheries

Governing U.S. Fisheries with IFQs

Beyond IFQs in marine fisheries
A guide for federal policy makers

Saving Fisheries with Free Markets

Bush Takes an Environmental Stand on Fishing

The Ecological Role of IFQs in U.S. Fisheries

Evolving Property Rights in Marine Fisheries

A New Fishing Tragedy?

Overcoming Hurdles to IFQs in U.S. Fisheries

Individual Fishing Quotas: Long Overdue

Fencing the Fishery
A Primer for Ending The Race for Fish

The Role of IFQs in Improving Fishery Governance
Congressional Testimony

Homesteading the Oceans: The Case for Property Rights in U.S. Fisheries


Managing Marine Recreational Fisheries

Evolving Approaches to Managing Marine Recreational Fisheries

Snagged—Halibut Gets Attention

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