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Meet the 2014 Enviropreneurs

2014 Enviropreneur Fellows at the Flying D

What is an enviropreneur?

  • An environmental entrepreneur.
  • An innovator who finds new ways to enhance environmental quality.
  • Someone who resolves environmental conflicts using contracts, property rights, and markets.

Who are PERC’s enviropreneurs?
Alumni of PERC’s Enviropreneur Institute are all over the world working in a wide range of fields to tackle environmental issues. You can explore our alumni database, searching by region or industry, but here are a few examples:

Montana: Rancher and environmental educator Danielle Nicholas is educating people about how to sustainably raise cattle. Learn about her Terroir of Beef project in the video below.

[video: align:center]

Tennessee: Sarah Bellos is creating an agricultural supply chain to help the fashion industry replace toxic chemical dyes with farm-grown alternatives. Her efforts will give farmers additional cash crops and reduce chemical runoff in rivers and streams.

Idaho and Wyoming: Hank Fisher found a way to raise money for predation fees and reintroduce wolves into the Yellowstone region. Now he’s brokering deals with area ranchers to create larger migratory corridors for Yellowstone’s wildlife.

Georgia and Florida: Brett Howell is creating a market for coral reef restoration.

Mountain West: Forest ecologist Dave Wager learned to make pens which tell the secret lives of trees and help protect old-growth forest.

Seattle: Marti Hoffer helps her clients harness natural light to reduce the use of electricity.

South Africa: Wildlife conservationist and economist Mike ‘t Sas-Rolfes found a way to save the white rhino from extinction.

India: Nitin Malhotra is harvesting valuable materials from used electronics. By doing so, he’s also enhancing the quality of India’s rivers and streams.

Illinois: Tim Magner drives his biodiesel-fueled Truck Farm around Chicago and runs Nature’s Farm Camp to educate kids about food and health, providing them with practical life skills.

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