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Federal Regulations Fall Short in Cleaning Up Abandoned Mines

  • Jonathan Wood
  • Kaiser Steel Eagle Mountain Mine. Photo courtesy of El Toro.

    Abandoned mines pose a major risk to our communities, impairing water quality in 40 percent of headwater streams in western states. The exact number of abandoned mines that pockmark the West is unknown and federal regulators have been unable to keep up with the necessary remediation. In order to address the issue in the most cost-effective and timely way, better incentives are needed. PERC research fellow Jonathan Wood sits down with John Batchelor of The John Batchelor Show to discuss the issue and suggest policy recommendations that could encourage Good Samaritans to help solve the problem.


    Written By
    • Jonathan Wood
      • Vice President of Law & Policy

      Jonathan Wood is vice president of law and policy at PERC, leading PERC’s Conservation Law and Policy Center.

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