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PERC Senior Fellow Appointed to EPA Science Advisory Board

  • Kat Dwyer
  • News for Immediate Release
    August 12, 2021
    Contact: Kat Dwyer, 406-587-9591,

    Bozeman, MT—PERC congratulates PERC Senior Fellow Sheila Olmstead on being appointed as a charter member of the Environmental Protection Agency’s Science Advisory Board. Dr. Olmstead’s experience solving complex problems in natural resource economics, water, and energy policy will be an asset to the board’s work and help build an EPA better equipped to engage with the environmental challenges facing the United States. 

    Before becoming a Senior Fellow, Olmstead visited PERC as a Lone Mountain Fellow (2014) and as a Julian Simon Fellow  (2015 and 2016). A prolific scholar, Olmstead’s broad research interests deepen PERC’s reputation for understanding the application of market-based environmental policy instruments.

    PERC looks forward to continuing to work with the Administration to better integrate free market and property rights-based solutions to environmental problems to protect the health and quality of life in American communities.

    Written By
    • Kat Dwyer
      Kat Dwyer
      • Marketing & Media Manager

      Kat Dwyer is PERC’s marketing and media manager.

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