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Carlos Sunyer

Carlos is a Spanish native who received his B.S. in zoology from the University Complutense of Madrid. He spent 10 years researching nature conservation, and as a scientific advisor of the Bearded Vulture recovery program at the Pyrenees. Later Sunyer did freelance work on nature conservation issues for different NGOs, ending this CV chapter as conservation director of BirdLife Spain. With his knowledge in field work and policy lobbying, in 1996 he founded Terra, an environmental policy centre. Terra developed ideas for nature conservation in Spain and other Mediterranean countries based on a new approach which includes the use of market instruments. Then in 2013, after building up extensive experience in providing expertise and support in relation to nature conservation, sustainable development, and environmental management systems, Sunyer launched is a website promoting business committed to sustainability operating in protected areas in Spain. This has expanded Sunyer’s knowledge into the fascinating world of business on the web.