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Chad Brealey

Brealey received a B.A. in English from Simon Fraser University in Vancouver and went on to be a fly-fishing guide in northern British Columbia and on Vancouver Island. Entering the publishing field as a magazine editor and writer led to being granted a master’s degree in publishing from Simon Fraser University and time in New York and Toronto developing consumer magazines. He returned to Vancouver in 2001 to join the Steelhead Society of B.C. as the communications director. Over the past year Brealey has been intimately involved with the Society’s Steelhead Release Magazine, the Wild Salmon City art initiative and he has taken a lead role in the development of strategic alliances in response to an increase in shortsighted salmon farming practices. Brealey’s attention is currently focused on the creation of Wild Salmon Sanctuaries and Education Centres on the Pacific Coast of Canada amidst other editorially driven projects.