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Dave Wager

Dave Wager is the owner, artisan, and forester for Tree Ring Pens LLC. Tree Ring LLC, was founded in 2010 to manufacture and sell fine writing instruments (and other goods) that commemorate milestones of individuals, society, and natural history through the growth rings of a tree. It is a goal of Tree Ring to promote restoration of old growth forests. Tree Ring products are crafted out of small understory trees that are adding unnatural stress to old growth trees. Thinning out the small diameter trees improves the resiliency of the old growth stands. Restoration efforts focus on small patches of old growth that are being ignored because they lack the economies of scale that make restoration thinning economically viable. Tree Ring LLC is donating 5% of sales to old growth forest restoration efforts. Dave earned a master of science degree from Utah State University specializing in forest resources and a bachelor of science degree in business from Skidmore College. While studying forest ecology at, Dave was awarded a NASA Graduate Student Research Fellowship to develop dendrochronological techniques to assess Douglas-fir growth in Utah’s Central Wasatch Mountains. Dave’s recreational interests include soccer, trail running, fly fishing, and back country skiing.