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Daylin Munoz-Nunez

Daylin Muñoz-Nuñez is a marine scientist currently working with EDF’s Oceans Program to promote sustainable and responsible marine fishing practices. Daylin is currently responsible for conducting research and coordinating the activities of several EDF teams to develop solutions for key fisheries in Mexico, Belize and Cuba. Daylin has conducted outreach in fishing communities in the Gulf of California and worked with researchers on a tri-national initiative to improve collaborative management of shark fisheries in the Gulf of Mexico by using innovative market-based tools like catch shares. Originally from Cuba, she received her bachlor of science degree from the University of Havana in 2001 and then worked for the Cuban Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment on projects to protect sea turtles and marine ecosystems. Daylin’s interests have evolved from coral reef fish ecology to the challenging area of marine resources management. Daylin graduatied from Duke University’s Master of Environmental Management Program in 2009. Daylin enjoys being outdoors, hiking and Scuba diving; triathlons have become her most recent hobby.