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Elyssa Serrilli

Elyssa Serrilli is guided in her outer purpose by the sutra, “without inner change, no change is possible; without outer change, no change matters” (angel Kyodo williams). Loving People as much as she loves our Earth, she strives for authentic relationship and is nourished by sharing the gifts that have helped her on her journey, including yoga practice, compassionate communication, nature immersion, earth spirituality and community development. She feels alive engaging her whole . body . mind . spirit . in grateful service to our individual and collective evolution. For the past ten years, Elyssa has served as a group facilitator, earth walker, educator and entrepreneur. Elyssa sees herself less as a teacher and more as a guide, letting experience be the real teacher. Her aim is for participants to experience ‘flow’ – the gift of being so engaged in an activity that they lose track of time, lose self-consciousness and self-judgment, and momentarily dissolve the illusion of separation. Elyssa guides participants through many activities that, at their best, create flow, including: adventure-based recreation (paddling, climbing, snow travel); nature and natural science-based exploration of woodlands, mountains and rivers; performance art; healing rituals; seasonal celebrations; community service projects; environmental regeneration; and the food alchemy of fermentation. In urban and rural settings, with groups large or small, young or old, Elyssa has experienced ‘flow’ – this blurring of the lines between work and play – where heavy burdens become light as a snowflake and action becomes a game or a dance. Elyssa humbly engages this dance in the release of systems that no longer serve us and the co-creation of regenerative culture.