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Glumur Bjornsson

General Manager Fjölver Ltd. Laboratory from 1999, laboratory chemist at Fjölver from 1994 1999. Board member of Environmental Committee of the Independence Party from 1997. Board member of Andríki from 1995, a non-profit public policy think tank, in Reykjavik. Deputy Member of Reykjavik City Council s Environmental and Health Committee from 1998. Editor of Stefnir magazine 1995 – 1997. Chairman of Heimdallur, youth organization of the Independence Party Reykjavik 1995 1996. From 1997 editorial board of Vef-Þjóðviljinn, the oldest website on politics in Iceland, published by Andríki. On-line graduate studies in Austrian Economics at George Mason University 1998. B.S. chemistry University of Iceland, Reykjavik 1994. Columnist at DV national newspaper 1991 1997.