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Jim Franklin

Jim is currently completing his Master’s degree in Environmental Science at the University of Idaho.  His thesis focuses on water quality issues (governance, contaminants, consumption, etc.) in the Rocky Mountain and Great Plain States and seeks to evaluate the public’s awareness of these issues. Jim has been the director of two Environmental Education facilities — Breteche Creek Ranch located near Yellowstone National Park and Cornell’s Nature Center on Long Island, NY– and an educator in several other programs. He has a keen interest in international environmental issues and has studied environmental science in Finland, Nepal, Thailand and New Zealand. Helping children and adults to better understand their local ecosystems, he volunteers as a teacher for the Palouse Clearwater Environmental Institute, the Snowden Wildlife Sanctuary and local elementary schools. If you can’t find him in town it is a good bet that he is out in the mountains telemark skiing, fly fishing or backcountry trekking whenever the conditions merit or his knees allow him.