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Jos Hill

Jos Hill has fourteen years experience as a practitioner working at the nexus of conservation and poverty alleviation. Deeply committed to collaborative engagement, Jos approaches her work with a diverse background of knowledge and experience that includes conservation, resource management, marine ecological monitoring, ocean aquaculture and livelihood development, program management, sustainable business planning, non-profit management, and design and delivery of professional training programs. Jos earned a Masters of Applied Science in Natural Resource Management at James Cook University. During her time living next to the Great Barrier Reef, she founded and led Reef Check Australia and worked on a variety of projects in the Asia-Pacific region to build local reef-monitoring capacity. Jos then earned her MBA in Sustainable Business from San Francisco’s Presidio Graduate School in 2011. Since moving to California, Jos has worked on a variety of market-based marine conservation initiatives including a loan program for sustainable seafood businesses and rights-based fishery management design at Environmental Defense Fund, and at Olazul, she led the design of sustainable ocean aquaculture livelihood projects in Indonesia and Mexico. Jos currently leads CORAL’s Hawai’i and Indonesia programs and brings her experience in developing collaborative projects that integrate science, behavioral economics, markets, and human-centered design.