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Mandy-Scott Bachelier

Mandy-Scott Bachelier is a disciplined, creative, and high-energy graphic designer who is excited to be part of PERC. Since 2000, Mandy-Scott—the organization’s first art director—has collaborated on the expansion of high-quality print and electronic publications with fresh new design work that has echoed for years in a repeating string of books,  PERC’s magazine, a growing web presence, and other products.

Working along side PERC’s leadership team; “There is a considerable amount of latitude to conceive projects, present solutions, and then execute; working with leaders who love and appreciate excellent design, and who have extensive experience at the very highest levels of entrepreneurial environmentalism.”

PERC has been a major force in shaping Mandy-Scott’s career path as an “enviropreneurial” graphic artist. When it comes to inventing tasteful new solutions to visual challenges and the free market, the sky is the limit!

Mandy-Scott’s design work has also been published with other organizations that are influencing the environmental arena: The World Bank, Hoover Institution, the Forest Enterprise Institute, among others.