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Michael Robertson

Michael Robertson has over twenty five years of management and investment experience in natural resources, investment firms and the environmental technologies sectors. He is Managing Director and Partner of Clean Energy Venture Group, an investment group that provides seed capital and management expertise to early stage clean energy companies. He is also a Managing Director of IRON Ventures LLC, an investment and advisory firm focused on growing companies offering technologies in the area of resource efficiency and renewable energy. His first and longest standing interest professionally has been in natural and environmental resources and conservation.

Michael has held senior management positions in start-ups and in leading international corporations, including various executive roles in the United Kingdom’s investment banking and oil industries, where he was a director of Mizuho International and IBJ International and a director of the corporate finance division of SG Warburg. Michael started his career in London with Shell International Petroleum Company, working in the European oil markets, and his investment industry experience at Merrill Lynch.

Michael holds Master’s degrees from the University of Cambridge, in Natural Sciences, and Yale University, in Environmental Management, and he was a 2012 Advanced Leadership Fellow at Harvard University. He has dual US and UK citizenship and lives in Boston and Connecticut. He is married and has a daughter named Rose.