Monique Dutkowsky

Monique Dutkowsky

Monique Dutkowsky was a 2008 PERC Graduate Fellow and PERC’s vice president of operations from 2017 to 2021. While at PERC, Dutkowsky lead in the creation of our first core values, our five year vision, policies to improve employee benefits, and streamlined our budgeting and system processes.

Her research focuses on the institutional barriers to market approaches to wildfire suppression and water trades. Her work with Wildfire Defense Systems promoting insurer-funded wildfire suppression and the creation of a wildfire risk assessment product line is used by insurance companies throughout the West to help mitigate the impact of wildfires and quicken response times to vulnerable areas during wildfire incidents. Dutkowsky previously worked with the Montana Department of Natural Resources and Conservation advocating for market-based approaches to resource management. Dutkowsky authored numerous textbooks including, Introduction to Microeconomics: A Focus on Economics in Your Everyday World. She holds an M.S. in applied economics from Montana State University and a B.S. in economics with a minor in political science from Clemson University.

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Articles by Monique Dutkowsky

Water Markets: Why Not More?

At the PERC workshop, scholars presented papers examining why water markets have not developed further than they have and explored how institutional and political barriers might be lowered.