Pamela Snyder

Pamela Snyder

Pamela S. Snyder was a research associate at PERC, where she specialized in water policy. She was raised in Rapid City, South Dakota, and received her B.B. in political science/public management from the University of Oregon, where she was associate editor of the Journal of Environmental Law and Litigation and served as an officer of the law school’s Federalist Society chapter.

Articles by Pamela Snyder

Priming the Invisible Pump

Rain and snow may be falling today, but throughout the world, people continually fear the threat of water shortages. Is there too little water for the world's growing population? Are we running out of water?

Water Markets:

Water MarketsPriming the Invisible Pump Terry L. Anderson and Pamela S. Snyder Since Water Crisis: Ending the Policy Drought was first published in 1983, water…

Georgia’s Groundwater:

Savannah Morning NewsMay 19, 1996 Georgia’s Groundwater: Own It or Lose It By Terry L. Andersonand Pamela S. Snyder The days of cheap, plentiful groundwater…