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Patrick Shannon

Patrick Shannon is currently the CFO of PeachTree Real Estate Partners, LLC. He co-founded this company to explore his interests in architectural design, science, and engineering with the goal of building and selling sustainable high density urban housing.
He has been a proprietary trader, a floor trader, a hedge fund manager, and a researcher/software developer. Patrick has always followed his curiosity to understand risk, value, and efficiency. He is motivated to understand systems and solve problems. All of his businesses have been born from his desire to test his ideas and theories about opportunity cost, arbitrage, efficiency, leverage, risk, asset pricing, and human behavior.
It was not until he began to search for arbitrage opportunities outside of the financial markets did he realize how leveraged the human economy had become. Patrick describes the global economy as the as “the greatest carry trade of all time, until it’s not”. He is beginning to work now on several projects now that he believes will help the world unwind this trade.