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Sergei Shcherbak

Sergei specializes in hydroecosystems, water resources management and hydrobiology of urbanizing territories. He has published more than 40 scientific articles on these subjects and is a founder and director of The Independent Environmental Safety Services, a non-governmental organization. In 1993, Sergei was named a scholar of the J. Soros Foundation’s biodiversity program. Sergei earned his Ph.D. in biological sciences from Moscow States University and completed undergraduate work at Kiev States University.

Working in Institute of a Hydrobiology of an Academy of sciences of Ukraine, Sergei specialized in the field of biodiversity of hydro-ecosystems, water resources management, pisciculture, hydrobiology of urbanizing territories; has published more 40 scientific articles. In a 1993 has become a scholar of J. Soros foundation on the Biodiversity program. Sergei is one of initiator and of creation and director of environmental NGO -The Independent Environmental Safety Services.  He has huge experience hunting -, and also fish inspector (both in USSR, and on Post -USSR space). His hobbies are fishing, hunting, scuba diving and photography.