Spencer Banzhaf

Spencer Banzhaf

Senior Fellow

Spencer Banzhaf is a Professor of Economics at Georgia State’s Andrew Young School of Policy Studies, a Senior Fellow at PERC, and a Research Associate at the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER). Spencer’s primary field of study is environmental policy analysis, focusing on the urban environment and issues related to air quality and energy. His research has appeared in several top-tier academic journals, including the American Economic ReviewJournal of Environmental Economics and Management, and Journal of Urban Economics

Articles by Spencer Banzhaf

FME: Exploring the Tough Questions

Young scholars from various discipline challenge the PERC founders of free market environmentalism on what works, what could work in the future and how to address large scale problems such as climate change, and also when markets are not the so. They will also discuss situations where markets might not work best or might not work at all.