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Stephanie Secomb

Stephanie Secomb is Policy and Strategy Coordinator for the Fundación Natura Bolivia, a non-profit organization specializing in the development of economic incentives to conserve critical ecosystems and improve local livelihoods in sub-tropical Bolivia. Stephanie began with Natura in 2007 as coordinator of the Bolivian program of the international ParkWatch-GreenVest initiative, financed by Duke University. She now raises funds through project proposals, maintains relations with current donors, and produces and disseminates information about payments for environmental services through the Compensation for Environmental Services Learning Network (RACSA), which she coordinates. Stephanie also manages a project to protect the megadiverse Amboró National Park through the development of a financial mechanism to channel economic resources from the environmental service beneficiaries in the nearby city of Santa Cruz de la Sierra. Before moving to Bolivia three years ago, Stephanie worked as a policy advisor in different national government departments of her native Australia.