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Environmental Education

A Blueprint for Environmental Education
This book of essays by educators and economists offers a road map for introducing economics to environmental education.


Critical Thinking About Environmental Issues
A new series of books for young people, offers objective and balanced discussions of controversial issues such as global warming, endangered species, and pesticides.


Economics and the Environment: EcoDetectives is a 15-lesson curriculum designed to show how teachers and students can use economic reasoning in efforts to describe and explain environmental problems.


Environmental Examiner
This newsletter for students is designed to help them think clearly as they form their opinions about environmental issues.


Environmental Examiner: A Teacher’s Guide [PDF]
The guide provides teachers with discussion questions and lesson plans to accompany the newsletter.


Facts Not Fear
This book provides parents and teachers with accurate and balanced information on environmental issues.


Fish Tales – Classroom Lessons About Economics and the Environment
Using economic reasoning, students solve seven mysteries surrounding the tragic reductions in fish populations.


Improving Environmental Education [PDF]
In this article prepared for the Institute for Study of Economics and the Environment at Lindenwood University, Jane Shaw discusses how advocacy has replaced good science in many school textbooks, and how it can be changed.


In Farmers and Ranchers Do We Trust?
These nine lessons address controversial environmental topics within the agricultural sector and help students understand the incentives facing agricultural decision makers.


Opinions on Environmental Education
Four experts offer differing opinions on environmental education.


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