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The Environmental Examiner [PDF] is a publication intended for both teachers and secondary students. Understanding environmental issues can be a complex task. There are conflicting facts, difficult-to-support conclusions and mixed messages in the media each day. In this context, it is difficult for all citizens to make reasoned judgments about particular issues and policies.

The Environmental Examiner is designed to help people think clearly as they form their opinions about environmental issues.

Each issue has four sections.

  1. An environmental mystery is the lead article informing readers about an important environmental issue.
  2. A second article helps the reader use economic reasoning to investigate potential solutions to the mystery.
  3. The third section helps evaluate the conflicting information that exists about the issue using a point–counterpoint format.
  4. The last section consists of discussion questions based on the articles in the newsletter. First, however, read the four selected principles of economics, which will provide some insights into environmental problems.

A Teacher’s Guide [PDF] accompanies each issue of the examiner and provides answers to the discussion questions.

Teachers have permission to copy and duplicate all the information in the Environmental Examiner for use in their classroom. Teachers who wish to receive a classroom set (up to 30 copies) of the Environmental Examiner may obtain one at no charge from PERC while supplies last. Commercial use of these materials requires written permission from PERC.

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