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Facts Not Fear:

By Michael Sanera and Jane S. Shaw

Parents who want a balanced discussion of environmental issues will like Facts, Not Fear. Too much fear and too few facts have brought the environmental weight of the world on the shoulders of our children. A fast-paced environmental movement predicts impending doom and disaster. Facts, Not Fear provides parents and teachers accurate information to address children’s concerns about the health of our planet.

In Facts, Not Fear you will find:

A comprehensive review of 14 environmental issues such as recycling, global warming, acid rain, rain forests, pesticides, and endangered species.
Non-technical language that helps parents understand the complex science and economics on which environmental issues are based.
Environmental facts that have been reviewed by a scientific and advisory panel of 32 distinguished scientists.
"Talking to Your Children" sections that provide parents answers to their children’s commonly asked environmental questions.
"Activities for Parents and Children" sections that give parents the opportunity to reinforce information in the book by engaging in "simple to do" activities with their children.

Facts, Not Fear will help you:

Learn a simple way to explain the garbage crisis issue to your children.
See why every year we have more timber than the year before despite the harvesting of trees for paper and lumber.
Learn how better technology and competitive market forces continue to improve air quality.
See how scientists take the earth’s temperature and what their studies indicate about global warning.


Michael Sanera is a teacher and a political scientist who taught at Northern Arizona University for 17 years. He was president of the Arizona Institute for Public Policy Studies, and was founder of the Goldwater Institute for Public Policy Studies.
Jane S. Shaw is a PERC Senior Associate.

Facts, Not Fear is published by Regnery Publishing, Inc. The price is $17.95 per book and available for the National Book Network (1-800-462-6420) For more ordering information:

Regnery Publishing, Inc.
P.O. Box 39
Federalsburg, MD 21632-0039
1-202-216-0601, ext 455

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