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Ecological Agrarian: Agriculture’s First Evolution in 10,000 Years

  • J. Bishop Grewell,
  • Clay Landry
  • Agriculture is moving from feeding a growing planet to feeding a planet with environmental concerns. Taking advantage of opportunities arising from these changes, ecological agrarians are developing solutions from the creative to the mundane. In the process, they are greening both their pockets and the vistas around them.

    J. Bishop Grewell and Clay J. Landry unveil stories of these entrepreneurs at work, the challenges they face, and the benefits they hope to reap. Explaining how agriculture not only shaped history, but made written history and civilization even possible, they argue that we are entering an unprecedented era where the race to feed the planet is no longer agriculture’s lone driving force. As population growth levels off and production yields continue to grow, demands on agriculture are changing and the focus of agriculture is changing too.

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