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The Sky’s Not Falling: Why it’s Okay to Chill About Global Warming

  • Holly Fretwell
  • The prospect of global warming has progressed from concern to genuine fear. Children are often confused and frightened about what the future holds for them. Some even blame themselves for contributing to climate change.

    Meanwhile new approaches and ways of coping with global warming are beginning to emerge. Human ingenuity and adaptability – and not  fear of change – are most likely to guarantee the Earth a healthy future. Parents who’ve comforted children upset by shocking and perhaps doctored pictures of stranded animals and so-called documentaries predicting disaster will embrace this smartly-written book designed to educate, not indoctrinate.

    This book brings practical experience to the environmental debate. It is written especially for children ages 8 to 12, giving them the straight scoop about global warming – and the potentially devastating human and economic consequences of politically motivated responses to it. It offers a balanced look at a complex issue, offering a refreshing, accessible combination of science and economics that will enlighten while it entertains.

    Can it really be that human innovation and creativity, combined with individual choice, will yield better environmental outcomes than a deluge of new laws and even more government regulations as advocated by many? Yes!

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    Written By
    • Holly Fretwell
      Holly Fretwell
      • Research Fellow

      Holly Fretwell is a research fellow at PERC, where for more than two decades she has researched public land policy, property rights, and markets.

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