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Breaking News on EPA

“Everyone knows that you always dump your unwanted news on a Friday afternoon, and what better Friday afternoon to dump something you want to go away than the Friday before Labor Day. A few hours ago Obama ordered the EPA to cancel its proposed new air quality regulations on ozone,” writes PERC Board member Steven Hayward on PowerLine.

Hayward goes on:

This is huge … the proposed new ozone standard made no sense at all and was totally unnecessary.  But that hasn’t stopped the EPA juggernaut before (and they still have at least a half-dozen other new regulations in process).


The interesting thing to see now is how loudly environmentalists will scream about this (all the while, imagine how much louder if a Republican White House had done this), especially since it is coming from, as the Sierra Club’s Carl Pope keeps saying, “the best environmental president since Teddy Roosevelt.”  Also, let’s see how much media coverage it gets tonight and over the weekend.  Not much I expect, which is exactly what the White House wants.

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