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Javier Angulo
Javier is currently full time faculty at Escuela Superior de Economia y Negocios (ESEN) in El Salvador, in charge of core engineering and all sustainable energy courses. His research focuses on bridging the gap between natural resource exploitation and conservation. Javier has led projects in waste minimization, energy efficiency, renewable energy, and resource optimization. He also writes opinion columns for Central American magazines regarding energy, environment, and natural resources management. Javier holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Purdue University, a BA in Economics from Butler University and a MS in Sustainable Energy Development from the University of Calgary. In his spare time, Javier enjoys practicing soccer, squash, and early morning walks with his german shepherd Duke.
  Elliot Dale
As a proud member of the inaugural PERC Impact Fellowship cohort, Elliot hopes to contribute his extensive researched-based experience in green construction and conservation land development to the group.  Elliot earned an MS in Construction Management from Colorado State University with a focus in Sustainable Building. His research interests lie in evaluating stakeholder attitudes and perceptions around land and resource conservation, and how the use of effective communication techniques can influence behaviors.  He also holds a BS in Environmental Studies from Emory University.

Elliot lives in Bozeman MT where he enjoys backcountry skiing with his wife and dog, local farming, and custom furniture building.

  Kyle Eagar
Kyle Eagar is currently enrolled in a Master’s of Applied Economics program at Utah State University (USU) and is set to graduate fall 2016. After completing his master’s degree, he intends to pursue his PHD, preferable at a university that specializes in Natural Resource and/or Environmental Economics. One of his top research interests is the study of how markets are currently adapting to both resource depletion and environmental degradation. While working as a research assistant with an Environmental/Natural Resource Economist at USU, Kyle has assisted in various projects related to Natural Resource and Environmental Economics. Some of these projects include ground water management districts in western Kansas, the emissions trading system in the EU, and the individual transferable quote system for fisheries in Alaska.

Kyle is married and has two hilarious and adorable children. He enjoys both running and martial arts and is currently training for his first half marathon. Kyle considers himself a social science nerd and enjoys reading outside the economics discipline, his three favorite authors being Daniel Kahneman, Steve Pinker and Leonard Mlodinow.

  Alison Grant
Alison Grant has just completed her Bachelor of Science degree in Economics and Policy at the University of Guelph in Ontario, Canada. She is very interested in agriculture and natural resources, and the role of free market environmentalism within these topics. This interest has driven her decision into pursuing a Masters of Science degree in Food, Agriculture, and Resource Economics starting in September of 2015. Alison has extensive knowledge in the field of agriculture and plant science, as well as agricultural policy within the province of Ontario. She has worked with many horticultural crops, both in scientific research and knowledge translation programs for the provincial government. Alison became very interested in property rights with respect to the environment when she analyzed the current Ontario Greenbelt land-use regulations around the Toronto area. Her biggest interest within the free market environmentalism framework is the application of water markets. Alison is very excited to be a part of the inaugural Impact Fellowship program and is eager to further explore the ideas behind enhancing and conserving environmental quality through the use of property rights and markets.
  Michelangelo Landgrave
Michelangelo Landgrave was, due to bureaucratic error, born in Mexico. He corrected this error by crawling to the United States as quickly as he could. After several misadventures, he reached Los Angeles and settled there. He has since then earned a bachelor degree in Economics from California State University, Northridge and is currently finishing his Master’s degree at Cal State Long Beach. He hopes to eventually earn a doctoral degree and become that one crazy professor who wants to privatize the national park service. He has previously interned with the Cato Institute and Reason Foundation.
  Greyson Ruback
Conceived in Colorado, born in Washington, raised in Georgia, and having travelled to each of the lower 48 states, Greyson Ruback is a peripatetic philosopher in the most literal sense.  Holding a Juris Doctorate from the University of Georgia School of Law, he has devoted his life to treating the sicknesses of our justice system.   An avid outdoorsman and storyteller, Greyson spends most of his days writing, conversing, advocating, consulting, exploring, and enjoying the beautiful bounties of nature.  He is excited to join the intellectual community at PERC, and looks forward to a summer of inspiration and fellowship in Big Sky country.
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