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PERC and the CARES Act

A message on the Paycheck Protection Program from PERC's CEO Brian Yablonski

  • Brian Yablonski
  • Dear PERC friends,

    In a time of so much uncertainty and need, there is justifiable concern over the future of small business. When President Trump and Congress passed the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act last month, they included efforts to support businesses struggling due to the Covid-19 health pandemic, such as the forgivable Paycheck Protection Program loans to help companies pay their employees and stay afloat. As a small non-profit, PERC qualified for substantial government aid under the CARES Act, but we have chosen not to accept any of the money. 

    Central to our mission of researching and promoting free market environmentalism is the core belief that the scope of government should be limited to allow human innovation and private conservation efforts to flourish. In our 40 years of working on market solutions to environmental problems, we have always been funded by private, voluntary donations, which is why we have chosen to lean into our free market principles and decline government assistance.

    Just like natural resources, financial resources are limited, and there will always be competing demands for their use. With the ongoing Covid-19 economic hardships, we believe that government financial resources are better spent on immediate healthcare needs and small businesses struggling from forced closures. 

    While we, too, face financial uncertainty, we know that being a good member of the community means looking out for the greatest and most pressing needs of others. We applaud the healthcare and essential workers that have taken great risks to keep us healthy and thank the many businesses fighting to keep their workers employed. 

    It is an uncertain time. We are so grateful for everyone across the country who has supported us for the past 40 years, and we hope you will continue that support moving forward. Just like our creative approach to conservation, we will adapt, innovate, and ensure that we emerge as effective leaders. 

    Thank you,

    Brian Yablonski

    Written By
    • Brian Yablonski
      • Chief Executive Officer

      Brian Yablonski is the chief executive officer of PERC and the former chairman of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

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