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A Big Step Forward for Conservation Leasing

  • Kat Dwyer
  • BOZEMAN, MT—Yesterday, the Bureau of Land Management announced a significant change to federal land leasing. The rule change allows federal land to be leased for voluntary conservation and restoration.

    Though more work remains to advance conservation leasing, this announcement represents a positive step forward toward that goal.

    “The Bureau’s proposed rule is a big step in the right direction toward putting conservation on equal footing with other uses like drilling, mining, and ranching. Empowering conservationists to channel their interests through a market mechanism is more effective than zero-sum political warfare.”—Brian Yablonski, CEO, PERC

    PERC believes that creating markets for conservation on public lands would allow resources to be managed for their highest-valued uses, whether that means consumption or conservation. Open markets that give everyone a seat at the table would be a cooperative way to make trade-offs in land use decisions and reduce conflict through voluntary exchange. 

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    Written By
    • Kat Dwyer
      Kat Dwyer
      • Marketing & Media Manager

      Kat Dwyer is PERC’s marketing and media manager.

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