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Eric Edwards

Eric Edwards is a PERC Graduate Fellow Director and an Assistant Professor in Agricultural and Resource Economics at North Carolina State University. He also runs an extension program in Resource Economic Policy and Governance. His research examines environmental and natural resource management institutions across a variety of resources including ground and surface water, oil andContinue reading “Eric Edwards”

Walter Thurman

Wally Thurman is a William Neal Reynolds Distinguished Professor Emeritus at North Carolina State University and a PERC Senior Fellow. Thurman was a PERC 2003 Julian Simon Fellow, a Fellow of the Agricultural and Applied Economics Association, and a recipient of that organization’s Outstanding Graduate Instructor Award as well as awards for his published research,Continue reading “Walter Thurman”

Spencer Banzhaf

Spencer Banzhaf is a PERC senior fellow and director of the Center for Environmental and Resource Economic Policy at North Carolina State University. He holds both a B.A. and a Ph.D. in economics from Duke University. Spencer’s primary field of study is environmental policy analysis, specializing in issues related to land use and the protectionContinue reading “Spencer Banzhaf”